Our First Thai Meal

Our first stop for food in Thailand and also, my actual first time trying Thai food! Lunch was included in our tour and the meal was preset so we didn’t select what we ate but it included a very nice variety. The restaurant was called Sala Rattanakosin and it was inside a hotel with lovely views of the river.

They met us with some cold washcloths. That was a lovely gesture as we were quite hot and sweaty after our morning of touring

Gregg started with a Thai beer, which was is very strong. 12% alcohol. And I got the energizer. Patra stuck with good old refreshing water as we had probably sweated out our body weight in that Thai humidity..

We started with a duck salad

And soup

Next was a meat dish that was quite spicy for me, which probably means it was normal spicy

Then they brought out this beautiful veggie dish that also had fish in it. Not sure what the fish was but the veggies were delicious

The meal ended with this gorgeous plate of fruit

And this is what Thai baht looks like. It is currently valued at about 30 cents on the dollar.

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