Vietnamese Dinner

Last stop in Ho Chi Mihn was an authentic Vietnamese dinner. It was a preset group meal. I’m not at adventurous eater, so I won’t lie, I packed a lot of snacks for this trip and they care in handy. The rest of my group loved the food though so it was a fine feast.

The elephant ear fish came out first and I was too nervous to even try it just from the looks of it.

Pork rolls, which were good, and shrimp were placed on the table

Some ladies came over to make spring rolls out of the weird fish and pineapple, noodles and lettuce with rice paper

These were something coconut

Some kind of meat dish. This was good!

And soup

Dessert was these sweet beans. They were surprisingly good.

And after a very long, very hot day, this Saigon beer really hit the spot!

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