Good Morning (Again) Vietnam (touring Nha Trang)

We arrived in Nha Trang this morning. Nha Trang is a coastal resort city in Southern Vietnam.

Watching arrivals from our balcony is a favorite part of cruising

These guys were fishing quite far from land in a very small boat.

We docked across from the resort Vinpearl. The cable cars bring you across. It’s very Disney-esque and there is quite a bit of expansion going on.

Once we docked, we took an “Ancient Civilizations” tour of Nha Trang.

Our tour guide is named Lien

We are passing these gorgeous beaches (and stop at one later). Lien said the people of Vietnam go to the beach very early, by 4am to do exercises. They then go home by 6am. He said if anyone is on the beach in the afternoon, they are likely a tourist. Then the locals come back to the beach from 6-9pm

First stop was Po Nagar Cham Towers. The Champa Kingdom has a long run in Vietnam beginning in the 700s and spread over a few centuries. This is the best preserved relic from that era. Located on the Cu Lao Mountain and at the mouth of the Cai River, it is dedicated to Yan Po Nagar, the goddess of Vietnam who is associated with the Hindi goddess Bhagavati.

You have to be wearing the usual knees and shoulders covered. I love they call it costume. And they provide long grey jackets you can borrow if you’re in an inappropriate costume

Some video of inside one of the towers

Some cool art

Next stop was the Dam Market or Cho Dam in Vietnamese. There is a wet and dry section and it goes on for blocks and blocks. It’s quite overwhelming and they sell everything under the sun. Haggling is not only expected, it seems to be a form of entertainment 

We then finally got to actually go to the beach and not just see it through a bus window. We stopped at the bar first and had a choice of Vietnamese beer

Soft drinks, I loved this pretty 7 Up can

Or Vietnamese coffee. It comes to the table in its own little coffee pot. The coffee drips into your cup and then you flip the lid over and use that to place the pot on when you’re ready to drink

The beach itself was stunning

And quite whimsical. There were decorative old cars and bicycles and even a piano

Our next stop was an embroidery center. This was amazing to see. All the pieces below are needle and thread. They look like paintings. Our guide told us it takes two women working 5 months to make the larger pieces.

We got to see some women working on pieces

And the progression of a piece from scratch drawing to completion

Some of the pieces are double sided and you do not see any knots on either side. Simply amazing!

Patra bought this beautiful piece. It was a little over $400 USD. It was perfect because she loves orchids and her mom loved butterflies

You could buy it with the frame or without. She did without so she could get it home easily. It wraps down to a small box!

We headed back to the bus and here’s some more crazy Vietnamese traffic for your viewing pleasure

Our last stop for the day was Long Son Pagoda. Long means Dragon

The pagoda was built in 1963 and intended as a monument to nuns and monks who died battling the government of the time.

These are the Buddhist flags of Vietnam

The highlight of this pagoda is an 80 foot white statue of Buddha that can be seen from all over the city. It’s 152 to the top

Back on the ship for sail away. Same scene from this morning all lit up