Layover In Style

Emirates Airline is based in Dubai so I expected their lounge to be off the hook and it did not disappoint. This is a map of just some of the amenities After sitting for so long on the plane, we decided to explore. While wandering we stumbled upon this adorable ice cream truck My new best friend, Enrico, insisted on making us Affogato (ice cream and espresso. If Enrico insists! in talking to Enrico, I found out he was from Myanmar. I said, “it’ll always be Burma to me!” Which is a Kramer quote from Seinfeld that I’ve waited my whole life to use. Mission accomplished!

I slept great on the plane and am not tired at all (especially after the aforementioned ice cream and espresso) but there are nice sleeping lounges here and it’s VERY quiet. Dubai is a “silent airport” and apparently they frown upon you sleeping on the floor. You can also take a nice, hot shower

And have more champagne

The four hour layover flew by just exploring and I got over 10,000 steps! That’s how big this lounge is.

And just like that, we’re ready to board again. More from Singapore…