Lounge Lizard

I registered the name “The Suitcase Whisperer” many moons ago but kept just posting on Facebook. This trip, I finally decided to blog. So here we go!

This trip will be my first time in Asia. We begin in Singapore but to get to Singapore we have a layover in Dubai  JFK to Dubai is about at 12 hour flight  I’m currently sitting in the Emirates lounge  It’s really nice but my guess is it will pale in comparison to the lounge in Dubai – Emirates home port  Until then I will slum here with my feet up and belly full.  The food choices here are vast with a heavy emphasis on lamb and hummus with every drink you can imagine.  I had the creamy tomato soup with sage croutons, vegetarian lasagna, roasted potatoes and red wine  and the butteriest chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had.


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